Coffee, gratitude, and the anarchist steering committee

On Saturday August 18th come hang out with other mediators and grab some coffee, tea, and or breakfast. No agenda, just meeting cool new people who also think sitting around doing nothing is harder than it sounds and can achieve more than you thought.

I’ll have a selection of thank you cards and we can practice some gratitude.

I’d love to see more of a meditation/buddhist (small b intended) community in Phoenix outside of meditation halls. Meditation is where we prepare and reflect, our lives are where we practice.

Hope to see you there.

  • Location: Fair Trade Cafe – 1020 N 1st Ave, Phoenix, AZ
  • When: starting at 10:00 am and I’ll be there until at least 12p
  • You can also RSVP on our Meetup page

Following the coffee and gratitude event feel free to join us for the anarchist steering committee. This is for those people willing to take on a little extra ownership of Phoenix Dharma Punks. We’ll talk a bit about what it takes to keep our little group running and share ideas about areas we might expand.


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