Some Updates!

Hey all! Sorry we haven’t been active on here during the pandemic but we have been active on our Facebook page. We have a few announcements to make. The center where we meet is still closed and after months of operating online and with it looking like we will still have at least 3-6 months to go before we can meet in person again we needed to change some things up. First, we will still be having weekly readings online (on our Facebook page). However, some of those will now be recorded rather than live. Additionally, some of these may continue to be a reading and a meditation, and others may just be a reading. We have a few people stepping up to do those readings and it will be up to the person leading that week if they want to do it live or recorded. We will NOT be hosting dharma talks Tuesday’s evenings. These will now be every other Sunday at 5:30 via zoom starting this week 12/20. We appreciate your understanding and hope you’ll continue to (or start to!) practice with us!


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