Update on leadership meeting

I wanted to let you all know what came of our Saturday conversation and where we are in me (Blain) stepping away from leading the group. At this point Eric is the only other person who’s been consistently present for Tuesdays sits and is also the only one who’s expressed interest in leading that space. So, I’ll be introducing him to our Shambala contact and giving him the keys.

Eric and I have chatted about some ideas, and I know he’s talked with Paul some too, about ways Punks may bring in / bring back more people. Those ideas include maybe reducing in person sessions, bringing back some online sessions, or seeing if the Heart of Recovery group will be continuing online only and if Punks might be able to meet earlier. Those ideas though will be for you all and Eric to pursue.

As far as leading goes, I’ve always tried to operate from the position that the group belongs equally to those who are currently in the room. If you feel called to help out or add something to Punks, talk about it, but be mindful of saying what work you think other people should do when it comes to growing the community. I see the role I’m handing to Eric as the person who’s responsible as the point of contact for the center and who is making sure that there is some meeting happening and getting it communicated if weekly mediation is happening or if it’s been called off for some reason.

Finally, I wanted to point out something that maybe wasn’t obvious from our last online conversation. This came up one night with Eric and Nicole present. I won’t be attending Punks for some time. To do so would set up an expectation (if only internal to myself) of attending each Tuesday in support of Punks and its success, which would just lead me to the same commitment but sitting on a different cushion. I’m sure at some point I’ll be back in some capacity

but I don’t know when that might be. But of course, feel free to stay in touch.

My last session before handing this off will be sometime in late December. Maybe the 21st or 28th. I’ll make another announcement about that later.

Thank you!


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